At Adore the Decor, we realize the challenges students face with financial stress when covering the costs of education in today's world. Students are our future, and we want to help with providing a comfortable environment in student's dorms, pads, and apartments. 

Adore the Decor will help with any special projects you want to start including makeovers, dorm transformations, and unique furniture and decor to make your area into your personal space, while being away from home. If you are a student at an accredited college or university, and want to inquire about discounted rates, please email us at with the products you are interested in and the project ideas you have. 

*This program is exclusive for active and registered students that are interested in decorating their dorms or off-campus apartments only. Verification is required with a Student ID and/or active registration form for the current semester. Email us for more information.

Drop Us A Line

We’re happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with an estimate. Just send us a message in the form below with any questions you may have.